Atlas of Bac Kan Province

This digital atlas of Bac Kan province displays the geographic information that was generated by or made available to the SAM-Regional Program since 1998. We selected data from the most reliable sources available and from the most recent dates. All data were compiled into a Geographic Information System (GIS) and crosschecked. It includes many layers of geographic information related to the following themes: administration, natural resources, socio-economic environment, agriculture and land use changes. The Departments of Statistics, Land Administration, Agriculture and Rural Development of Bac Kan province, as well as the district offices for economic and rural infrastructure provided most of the data used to generate the thematic maps at district and commune levels. Other maps where produced by the SAM-Regional Program based on field surveys or were provided by partner projects.

We would like to sincerely thank all organizations and projects working in Bac Kan Province for their help in developing the provincial GIS that supports this atlas. We welcome all comments and remarks on the Bac Kan Digital Atlas for its further improvement.