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Mission report in Vietnam, 2001.
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The effects of land policy reforms in Vietnam.
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Participatory 3-D modeling for collaborative research.
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Mission report in Vietnam (21/09 - 2/10/2002).
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Mission report in Vietnam. Support on weed study to Véronique Stévoux, SAM Project. 17/04 to 29/04 2001.
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Support to the identification of technical alternatives toward agriculture-husbandry integration in management involving direct seeding on cover plants.
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The integration of large ruminants husbandry with the mountain agrarian systems program (SAM).
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Mission report in Vietnam (30/04 - 07/05/2001).
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Ecoregional approaches for natural resource management in the Red River Basin, Vietnam.
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Morpho-geological survey of Cho Don district, Bac Kan province, Vietnam.
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Training 2002.
SAM-Cropping Systems (2002) open file

Lost horizon restored.
SAM-Regional (2002) open file

Bac Kan Programs Directory 2001-2002.
SAM-Regional (2002) open file

Going against the grain to retain soil fertility.
SAM Program (2002) open file

Mission report in Vietnam.
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Direct seeding on vegetal cover, mission report in Laos and Vietnam.
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Mission report in Laos and Vietnam (8-23 September 2002).
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