Comprehensive Analysis of Trajectories of Change in the Uplands.

Exploring pathways to sustainable development in the uplands of
Lao PDR.

Axis B: The driving forces of the agrarian transition

The transition from subsistence to market-oriented agriculture results from the combined effect of internal and external, local and global forces of change. The main driving forces of land use changes in the mountainous areas of Lao PDR are well known:

However, the complex mechanisms of interaction between livelihood systems, market forces and public policies require thorough investigations in order to mitigate their potential negative effects on poverty and on environmental degradation. Thematic studies about the driving forces of change were implemented along the three dimensions, i.e. economic, environmental and social, of sustainable development. Beyond the contribution to on-going scientific debates, it is particularly important to disentangle the complex driving forces of land use changes:


B-1. Economic drivers of agricultural expansion and deforestation

B-2. Impact of land policies on natural resources management