Comprehensive Analysis of Trajectories of Change in the Uplands.

Achieving lasting impact through partnerships.

The Catch-Up Program was implemented in Lao PDR through a partnership between the National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI), the Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement (IRD, France) and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR, Indonesia). The interdisciplinary research team was composed of two senior researchers: Dr. Linkham Douangsavanh (NAFRI-AFPRC) and Dr. Jean-Christophe Castella (IRD-CIFOR), research assistants from NAFRI and foreign students. Staff from other partner institutions (e.g. Faculties of the National University of Laos) were mobilized punctually according to the project needs. A number of consultants have also contributed to the activities of the project as long term support staff or through short consultancy contract (GIS, remote sensing, etc.).

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Linkham Douangsavanh.Project director.agro-economy. Jean-Christophe Castella.Project coordinator.agrogeography. Bounthanom Bouahom.Project coordinator.geography. Guillaume Lestrelin.Postdoctoral fellow.geography. Jeremy Bourgoin.PhD student.geography. Research assistant: Anousith Keophosay.economy. Khamla Nanthavong.agronomy. Chanxay Khambanseuang.forestry. Manithaithip Thephavanh.environment. Sangthong science. Vansing Manivanh.agronomy. MSc student: Jean-Pierre Sany.geography. Yulia Rahma Fitriana.agronomy. May Cherief. ecology. Elodie Alberny.forestry. Julien Viau.agronomy. Pauline Buchheit.agronomy. Maelle Drouillat.agronomy. Lionel Cottet.agronomy. Etienne Jobard.agronomy.